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Payment processors such as PayPal are vulnerable to theft of your downloadable product which is achieved by simply viewing your websites HTML source.

PayPal allows it's members to place a Return Url into the payment coding information. To automate products, many webmasters place the download link to their product without any form of gateway or security to verify that the user has paid or if they are "borrowing", which can cost webmasters profits.

Although scripts and security systems are available such as PayPal's IPN service, they require special server requirements, scripting and installation knowledge and they can be expensive and a nuisance to run and moderate especially if you offer multiple products.

With our automation security tool, you can create password encrypted code that only the users browser can decode that allows you to offer automated services with no special requirements. Simple create the code with one click and paste the code into your webpage and your done!

The Internet has become a highly competitive market over the last few years with over 100 million websites online. With the vast sea of webpage's available, the net has also become a "free for all" graphical and code wonderland for competitors and webmaster looking to get ahead by "borrowing" other online ventures' code.

With our property protection suite you site will be safe against code and content theft by ensuring visitors only see what you want them to see by encrypting your source code and protecting your sites content ensuring that only you benefit from your hard hard, protecting your online investment.

Unsolicited or cold call sales has been around for many years, from door to door salesmen to junkmail to Internet spawned disease we all no refer to as spam. Although sending unsolicited email is illegal an unethical, millions of webmasters mailboxes are flooded with sales emails for products, services.

Many users are now careful as to who they give their email address out to as to not get caught on sold email lists which can occur from signing up on a free site, joining newsletters or "opt-in" mailing lists and even submitting your website to a search engine.

But no matter how careful you are with your email address, you can still be a target to spam if you list your email address on your website by email collecting robots that "crawl" the net for email addresses that it collects, allowing the robots owners to sell to third party.

With our spam protection software you can protect your contact addresses from robot harvesting by encoding your contact links, that will drastically decrease robots from collecting you email.

Is your email and messaging service secure? Is anyone reading your mail? With our personal privacy tools you can share password protected encryption with anyone to ensure that no one reads your messages without knowing your personal password.

Encrypt email messages and all other types of text keeping prying eyes out protecting your business and personal privacy.

Our personal protection suite includes a distributable encryption and decryption application that you can share with your friends and business associates for private, encrypted communications.

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